Management Team Bios


Meet the City's Management Team

 d.kiff casual web-t    a.harp casual web-t    l.brown casual web-t
Dave Kiff
City Manager 
  Aaron Harp
City Attorney
  Leilani Brown
City Clerk
 c.jacobs casual web-t    k.brandt casual web-t   d.matusiewicz casual web-t 
Carol Jacobs
Assistant City Manager
  Kim Brandt
Community Development Director
  Dan Matusiewicz
Finance Director
c.duncan casual web-t     b.salvini casual web-t    t.hetherton casual web-t
Chip Duncan
Fire Chief, Interim
  Barbara Salvini
Human Resources Director 
  Tim Hetherton
Library Services Director
 g.murdoch casual web-t    m.pisani casual web-t   j.lewis casual web-t 
George Murdoch
Municipal Operations Co-Director
  Mike Pisani
Municipal Operations Co-Director
  Jon Lewis
Police Chie
 d.webb casual web-t    l.detweiler casual web-t    
Dave Webb
Public Works Director
  Laura Detweiler
Recreation & Senior Services Director
t.finnigan casual web-t     r.houston casual web-t    
Tara Finnigan
Assistant to the City Manager/
Public Information Manager 
  Rob Houston
Assistant to the City Manager/
Information Technology Manager