Special Reports

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Friday Forum #4 (Feb 9, 2018) – County of Orange presentation on the JWA Settlement Agreement
Friday Forum #3 (Jan 26, 2018) -- County of Orange presentation on the JWA Access and Noise Office
Executed Copy of January 2018 Settlement Agreement between the City and the FAA
Report to the City from HMMH providing a 3rd Party Review of the County of Orange’s Noise Monitoring Station Calibration of October 11, 2017
City’s Preference for NextGen Departure Paths
JWA and NextGen Presentation, September 26, 2017 City Council Study Session
About JWA and the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA’s) “NextGen” Project
FAA's (SoCal) Metroplex Finding of No Signficant Impact and Record of Decision Announcement and Briefing, September 1, 2016
Letter to Robert Henry, Manager, So. Cal Metroplex re: JWA flight departure path - March 23, 2016
City of Newport Beach Comment Letter re Draft EA for the SoCal Metroplex Project - September. 2, 2015
10th Settlement Stipulation
Appendix A to the 10th Amended Stipulation (Phase 2 Access Plan Stages)
Side-By-Side Test Results - August 6, 2015 handout
So Cal Metroplex EA Study Area
National Academies' Interim Report on NextGen  
FAA Response to City's RNAV Request - June 2013
Presentation on JWA Settlement Agreement and MOU - March/April 2013
Letter from Mayor Curry regarding Development of RNP Departure for JWA - April 22, 2013
GE/Naverus Report - March 2013
Air Quality Study - September 2010
Air Quality Report Presentation by Dr. Boyle - September 2010
2008 ARTS Study
2006 Cooperative Agreement (aka the Spheres Agreement)