Special Assessments


For general information on the formation process and the current status of Citywide Assessment Districts please see the Public Works Department Underground Utilities Assessment District webpage.

Assessment District Bonds

Original Issue

Outstanding Balance
at 09/03/14

Payment Due
Reassessment District No. 2012

$   13,583,436

$   10,531,762

$   1,358,946

Total Assessment District Obligations

$ 13,583,436

$ 10,531,762

$  1,358,946


Community Facility District Bonds

original issue

outstanding balance

payment due
CFD No. 95-1 CIOSA Refunding A

$   15,495,000

$     2,185,000

$      865,000

Total Community Facility District Obligations

$ 15,495,000

$   2,185,000

$    865,000

Total Special Assessment Obligations

$ 29,078,436

$ 12,716,762

$ 2,223,946

Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) is the comprehensive source for official statements, continuing disclosure documents, advance refunding documents and real-time trade price information on municipal securities.

Digital Assurance Certification (DAC) serves as the City's primary disseminating agent and portal for investor-specific information on the City's bonded indebtedness. DAC acts as disclosure dissemination agent for issuers. Access to any municipal bond in the DAC System is free of charge by registering.

Willdan Financial serves as the City's financial administrator and disclosure consultant on all land secured Assessment Districts and Special Improvement Districts. The district reports can also be viewed at the Willdan Financial website.