Sculpture in Civic Center Park Exhibition

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Sculpture in Civic Center Park Exhibition - Phase 3 Call for Entries

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The City of Newport Beach (City) is pleased to announce a call for entries for its Invitational Sculpture Exhibition to further activate the splendor of the City’s Civic Center Park. Artists, private collectors, galleries, and museums/non-profit institutions are invited to submit artworks for consideration for a temporary exhibition at the site. This is a unique exhibition opportunity to display artworks in a serene, ocean view site that is a popular attraction for Newport Beach residents and tourists from around the world.

Ten artworks may be selected and prominently showcased for two years in the heart of Newport Beach in Civic Center Park. The 14-acre, ocean-view site was specially designed by renowned landscape architect Peter Walker as an intended sculpture garden.   Participating artists will have an extraordinary opportunity to have their works experienced over an extended period in a city that is home to some of the world’s best-known major art collectors as well as the award-winning Orange County Museum of Art

The Civic Center Park has also developed into a destination for visitors and residents of Newport Beach to gather for civic events and activities including summer concerts on the lawn, art shows, docent led sculpture park tours, visits to the dog park, or leisurely walks along the park’s windy trail. 

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Newport Beach Civic Center Park - 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach

In August 2013, the Newport Beach City Council authorized the City Arts Commission and City staff to implement a temporary sculpture exhibit in Civic Center Park. The City Council approved the installation of ten sculptures in Phase I of the project and additional ten sculptures in Phase 2. The sculptures installed in year one were on display for two years and were removed and returned to the artists in 2016. Those installed in year two, or Phase 2, will be removed in 2017. The ten sculptures selected for installation in September 2015 are shown in this Phase 2 Presentation.

A grand opening celebration on September 12, 2015 marked the installation of nine new sculptures in Phase II of the Sculpture in the Civic Center Park Exhibition with the tenth sculpture, "Sunflower," to be installed in January 2016. The community was invited to view the sculptures, meet the artists and enjoy music and refreshments at the Civic Center.  Docent led tours of the Sculpture in Civic Center Park Exhibition were conducted by members of the Newport Beach Art Foundation.


September 2015 - August 2017


Three Sapilings



 La Cage aux Folles by Warren Techentin

Three Saplings by Diana Markessinis  Decline by Grant Irish


Double White


Demoiselle by LT Mustardseed

 Double White by Bertil Petersson

 Re-cycled by Jarod Charzewski and Sean Mueller

Prime Commonality

Pebble Series


 Prime Commonality by Luke Crawley and Quincy Owens

Pebble Series by Edwin Hamilton

 Equator Z360 by Kenneth Capps




 Sunflower by Patricia Vader
Installed in January 2016
Deinstalled August 2016
due to wind damage

Installed: September 2014

Deinstalled: August 2016


 Cub Triptych

Red Gateway

Double Doily

 Cub Triptych by Gerardo Hacer   Red Gateway by Chris Rench   Double Doily by Jennifer Cecere


Sphere 112


 Brandi by Curt Brill    Sphere 112 by Ivan McLean   Big Wet Dog by Matt Babcock




 Wintering by Arny Nadler   Pretty Boy by David Buckingham   Odyssey by Ray Katz



 Red by Jonathan Prince - Courtesy of Cynthia Reeves, New York



























In November 2016, the City Arts Commission partnered with Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times to present Cows4Camp, a whimsical temporary exhibit that includes 18 cows painted by renowned artists from across the region.The Cows were installed in different locations throughout the City, with 10 of them located in Civic Center Park. For more information, go the Cows4Camp Exhibition page

 Milk Shake by-Patric Stillman

 Milkshake by Patrick Stilman

 Golden State
by Maria Kane, Fryda Fernandez, Gene Ortega, Ben Morales, Maya Martinez, Sonia Lopez, Febedelia, Ochoa Sonya Ochoa, and George Yepes

 Hollywood Star by Maria Kane
 Olla by Sonya Fe  HERITAGE OF CHINATOWN  GREEN DAY by Maria Kane, Gene Ortega, Becky Sakovitch, Ben Morales, June Edmonds, Sonia Lopez, Febedelia Ochoa, Sonya Ochoa, Andy Ortega, George Yepes
 Olla by Sonya Fe
 Heritage of Chinatown
by Maria Kane, Gene Ortega, Becky Sakovitch and George Yepes
 Green Day
by Maria Kane, Gene Ortega, Becky Sakovitch, Ben Morales, June Edmonds, Sonya Lopez, Febedelia Ochoa, Sonya Ochoa, Andy Ortega, George Yepes
 Cowifornia Dreamin' <br>
            by RobinTripald  Hispanic Rhythm and Dance  IMG_6683

 Cowifornia Dreamin’
by Robin Tripaldi

 Hispanic Rhythm and Dance
by Anna Siqueiros

 Kobe Beef
by Jaleel White, Maria Kane, Gene Ortega, Ben Morales and GeorgeYepes

 Want Milk? Save Nature by LarisaPilinsky-AKA-Lark    
Want Milk? Save Nature
by Larissa Pilinsky



























For a self-guided walking tour of the Sculpture in the Civic Center Park Exhibition, download the "MyNB" app from the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play App Store.  Search for "MyNB."  If you already have the "MyNB" app on your mobile device, update it to include the latest additions to the Sculpture Exhibition.

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