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 Short Term Lodging Permit Holder Registry 

Interactive Map Dashboard & Address Search 

The Short Term Lodging Permit Dashboard is an interactive tool to locate all active short term lodging permits within the city of Newport Beach. The map can be filtered by using the "selection tool", or clicking on one, or multiple charts. Features of this application include:

  •  Total number of active Short Term Lodging Permits
  •  Short Term Lodging allowed subject to zoning complince
  •  Properties permitted prior to june 2004 per M.C. 5.95.020
  •  Filter map by Council District, neighborhoods, or number occupants permitted
  • "Heat Map" tab located at the bottom of the viewer. See where the concentrations of permits are issued.
  •  Click on the "blue house" symbol for more information the Short term 


 Desktop Version or  Mobile Version                                                 Short Term Lodging Holder Registry (Excel)

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