NB Green LogoIn 2008, the mission of the City's Task Force on Green Development was providing information to the city and its residents on ways to reduce environmental impacts and encourage green building.

We've compiled lots of information right here for those seeking ways to lighten their footprint on the environment. Here you can get helpful tips and resources on things from making changes in your daily routine to making improvements to your home or business. 

Buck Gully Restoration

  • The Buck Gully Reserve includes 300 acres of lush wilderness that is part of a 10-year restoration project and miles of trails to walk, run, hike and bike.
  • Want to help with the restoration efforts?  Register to volunteer with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy at letsgooutside.org 

Building Green

  • Green Building Guidelines - the Task Force developed these guidelines of voluntary actions that can be taken in the area of planning and design; energy efficiency; water efficiency; material conservation and resource efficiency; and environmental quality for both new construction and remodels.
  • Green building and sustainability links - a comprehensive list of resources including:
    • green building certifications and programs (i.e. LEED building certification);
    • building resources (i.e. Energy Star & SCE); 
    • State of California green resources (i.e. State purchasing practices & boating information); and
    • consumer websites (i.e. Green Restaurant Association & green search engines).
  • For more information on building green, contact the Planning Division at 949-644-3200.

Conservation & Recycling

Water Quality