Success Stories

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As the City continues to face the challenges that surround homelessness, there have been some notable successes along the way. The following stories provide examples of the results that are possible through a community-wide collaboration of resources and efforts. All the names in the stories below were changed to protect the privacy of the individuals. 

  • Angie experienced homelessness for over a decade in various locations in Southern California, including Newport Beach. Our team made an initial  contact with Angie and learned that she had multiple health conditions that were made worse through her long-term homelessness. She had experienced multiple visits to local emergency rooms for care. She was linked to a recuperative care shelter and was able to successfully find stable housing.

  • Dominic was an 80-year old veteran who had been homeless for a decade. City Net and our Homeless Liaison Officer provided assistance and linked Dominic with the Veterans Administration. He was provided with a housing voucher and secured permanent supportive housing.
  • Sally liked to visit popular tourist areas in Newport Beach. She had poor impulse control and would occasionally disturb the peace by yelling or causing a scene. Our team was able to connect her to a local assistance ministry, who had connected her with a medical provider. The medical provided discovered Sally had autism spectrum disorder which affected her ability to communicate and interact with people. Sally was able to obtain assistance in managing her condition which further allowed her to rebuild her life and maintain stable housing.
  • Nick and Amber were life partners. For approximately five years, they lived at their pier and at the OCTA Transportation Center. The couple was not willing to enter a shelter without each other. City Net understood their circumstances and were willing to work through the difficult barriers of finding them shelter together. Nick and Amber are now in permanent supportive housing.
  • Ashley had been homeless in Newport Beach for more than a year and had been sleeping in her car after a life-changing event. City Net was able to refer to Safe Place, a women's transitional shelter in Santa Ana, within two days of meeting her. At Safe Place, she will be able to pursue job opportunities, which will help her get back on track with stable housing.
  • Brad struggled with alcoholism for years and came to the realization that his addiction was prohibiting him from a housing situation. With the help of his support systems and City Net, he was able to complete detox at College Hospital. Upon discharge, City Net financially supported one month of rent at Anaheim's Streetlight Ministries, a residential sober transitional living program. While there, he will be actively pursuing entry into the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) for a long-term solution.
  • Brittany reached out to City Net for help while going through a rough patch in her life. She had experienced a life-changing event with the recent passing of her mother. She had lost her job and her home as a result of her deteriorating mental health. She lived in her vehicle for two months while trying to get her life back together. She was able to get hired at a local bank and found a place to live in Santa Ana. City Net connected her to the care she needed and provided assistance with her security deposit.
  • Jessica met with City Net case managers in Newport Beach, who discovered she had experienced homelessness in Westminster. Jessica was seeking safety from an intimate partner violence and was open to any sort of shelter or services. City Net connected her with Westminster case managers and provided a warm hand-off by transporting her to the Courtyard Emergency Shelter in Santa Ana. After the first weekend, case managers called the shelter for a check up, learning that Jessica was sheltered, making friends and was awaiting for a housing opportunity at a senior apartment facility.
  • Paul was a also chronically homeless veteran who had been sleeping in public areas around town. Through the help of Newport Beach Police and the collaboration of the Orange County Housing Authority, Paul was able to receive a Veterans Affairs Supporting Housing voucher that may be used to obtain housing. City Net was able to connect him to a Housing Navigator to find a one-bedroom apartment. 
  • Fred was homeless in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa for more than 30 years. He told City Net that his sister in Texas was willing to house him if he could get there. City Net contacted Fred's sister who confirmed this arrangement. City Net purchased an airline ticket and within a matter of days, Fred was reunited with his sister and living in stable housing.