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In July of 2017, the City took over management of the moorings on City tidelands.  Part of that responsibility includes managing over 1,200 on and offshore moorings.  Occasionally and for a variety of reasons, the City may impound a boat.  Typically, these vessels are abandoned, a permittee may not have paid fees, the boat is squatting illegally, and/or the vessel has code enforcement issues that take time to resolve.  It is the goal of the Harbor Department to minimize the number of impounds in the harbor. 

To better inform the community, current impounds are listed below.  The information includes the mooring location, boat name, CF/USCG No. (if available), boat description and the date impounded.  This impound list will be updated monthly.

Please note that smaller vessels, such as kayaks and paddle boats, are not listed and are stored off-site in dry storage.

Should you have any questions regarding an impounded boat, please contact the Harbor Department at 949-270-8159.

 Location  Boat Name  CF/USCG   Description   Date Impounded 
 H-042  N/A  CF 2361 FL   27' Catalina   11/08/2020 
 J-049  N/A  CF 8057 HJ   12' Whaler with Evinrude Outboard   08/08/2018 
 J-049  N/A  UNKNOWN  Gamefisher with Mercury Outdrive  02/10/2020
 J-082  N/A  CF 7877 CR  Blue Sailboat  08/15/2020
 K-011  N/A  CF 2247 HL  White Tender with Nissan Outdrive  10/18/2020
 K-011  N/A  CF 9612 HR  White Rowboat  12/16/2020
 K-011  N/A  UNKNOWN  Novurania Tender  12/26/2020

*This mooring location holds multiple vessels due to their size.