Transfer of Development Tracking Tables

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Land Use Element policies LU4.3 (Transfer of Development Rights) and LU6.14.3 (Transfers of Development Rights – Newport Center) allow development rights (e.g. square footage) to be transferred in certain circumstances without an amendment to the General Plan. The policies are implemented by Chapter 20.46 (Transfer of Development Rights) of the Newport Beach Municipal Code and the North Newport Center Planned Community Development Plan.


Table LU2 Anomaly Locations 

   Post-Transfer Changes (Not reflected in Table LU2)
   Anomaly Number 12 - Airport Area
   Anomaly Number 17 - Airport Area
   Anomaly Number 19 - Airport Area
   Anomaly Number 34 - Corporate Plaza
   Anomaly Number 35 - Block 100
   Anomaly Number 39 - Block 500
   Anomaly Number 40 - Block 600
   Anomaly Number 43 - Marriott
   Anomaly Number 44 - Fashion Island
   Anomaly Number 45 - Corporate Plaza West
   Anomaly Number 48 - San Joaquin Plaza
   Anomaly Number 82 - 150 Newport Center