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Art at the Library

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"Shore and Marsh Birds" Photographic Exhibition by Gail White

January 6 - March 6, 2020, Central Library Gallery


The Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents Shore and Marsh Birds, an exhibition of photographs by Gail White, on display at the Newport Beach Central Library gallery.  

Gail White is a long-time resident of Balboa Island. She grew up on the Island, graduated from Newport Harbor High and returned to the Island in 1995 upon her retirement. Strictly an amateur photographer, White's interest in photographing shore and marsh birds evolved from her love of the beach. 

All of the photographs on exhibit were shot locally in Newport Beach, Crystal Cove, Bolsa Chica Wetlands and the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. Gail White's desire in exhibiting these photos is to share with library patrons the wonderful marine birds we have in this area. 

The exhibition will be on display January 6 through March 6, 2020, during library operating hours.

(Brown Pelicans, Corona del Mar by Gail White)


Driftwood Bird Sculpture Exhibition by Cindy English Gillis

January 6 - March 6, 2020, Central Library Gallery

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The Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents a sculpture exhibition by Cindy English Gillis, on display at the Newport Beach Central Library gallery.

Cindy English Gillis creates bird sculptures from wood, driftwood and other natural pieces from nature. The objects usually have a shape, color or texture that inspires her.

“My reason for creating these birds is to capture the essence, through shape, movement and gracefulness.  My intent is not to replicate but, to present, a three dimensional interpretation of what I am creating. These sculptures include Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Hummingbirds, Sparrows, Sanderlings and even a Swan.”

Gillis began her artistic career at the age of 26 when she began painting birds with watercolor. In 1997 she received a BA in interior design, and then went on to work with her husband’s firm, Gillis & Associates Architects, which specialized in public works projects. After her retirement in 2010, Gillis began creating jewelry and driftwood bird sculpture with the things she found along the way, a journey that has been a rewarding one that she look forward to every day with joy and passion.

The exhibition will be on display January 6 through March 6, 2020, during library operating hours.

(Elegant Great Blue Heron in Flight and Sanderlings Racing to the Water's Edge by Cindy English Gillis)


"Fairy Tales" Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass

March 9 - May 8, 2020, Central Library Gallery 


The Newport Beach City Arts Commission presents "Fairy Tales", an exhibition of oil paintings by Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass, on display at the Newport Beach Central Library gallery.

Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass is a Los Angeles born painter who received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles.  Her work takes the viewer on a journey through the word of superficial reality where artificially alluring and nostalgically innocent context marks darker thoughts, ideas and actions.  Playing with the visual tropes of mass marketing and vintage advertisements, her work explores the ways reality is obscured when presented as ostensibly attractive.  As popular culture navigates an era of “fake news”, social media, and alternative facts, nothing is as it seems.  Her paintings examine today’s culture where truth is fluid; ideas, issues and events are routinely reframed to reinforce brand.

Inspired by 1950’s era advertising, Mendelsohn-Bass evokes a classic Film Noir feel and its emotive German Expressionist roots.  Mixing pop imagery and classic noir iconography, she draws the viewer into an enticing world, only to find all is not as it appears. 

The exhibition will be on display March 9 through May 8, 2020, during library operating hours.

(The Princess and the Frog by Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass)


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  • Michael Crook (Carved/Painted artwork): January 10 - March 4


To have artwork considered for an exhibition at the Central Library, download and fill out the Application for Consideration Art

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