Student Art Exhibition

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Open to Grades Pre-K through 12


Newport Beach Central Library, 2nd Floor Exhibit
1000 Avocado Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660

2021 Student Art Exhibition Slideshow


The Newport Beach Student Art Exhibition is a new and exciting program open to students grades pre-K through 12.

Young artists may submit one original work of art in the following mediums: painting (acrylic, oil, watercolor), drawing (ink, pencil, charcoal, pastel, markers, crayons), or collage. Accepted artwork was displayed at the Central Library from August 1 - August 28. Artists submitted applications from Monday, July 12 until Saturday, August 21.

Entries must be submitted in-person at the Central Library only. At the end of the month-long exhibition, awards will be selected and distributed to nine artists for first, second, and third prizes in the following categories:

  • Pre-K - 3rd grade
  • 4th - 7th grade
  • 8th - 12th grade

An award ceremony will beheld in honor of the prize winners.


Category: Pre-k to 3rd Grade

1st Prize - Shanaya, Bouquet of Roses
$100.00 – The Courage of Creativity, The Henri Matisse Award
(age 6) "Hi! I am Shanaya and I love to draw and paint! Especially flowers from my garden and nature walks withn my mom. I am 6 years old. Thank you for this competition."

2nd Prize - XiaoyanPig
$50.00 – A Creation from the Heart, The Marc Chagall Award
(age 7)

 3rd Prize - Lilliana, One Hill, One Tree, One Sunset, One Girl, and one Book with a Thousand Stories to Tell
$25.00 –Every Child is an Artist, The Pablo Picasso Award

Lilliana - One Hill, One Tree, One Sunset, One Girl. . .and One Book with a Thousand Stories to Tell

Honorable Mention - The Claude Monet Honorable Mention Award
Luke, Lion in the Savanna

Luke - Lion in the Savanna

Category: 4th to 7th Grade

1st Prize - Lilly, Hawaiian Waters
$100.00 – An Inner Picture of the Soul, The Edvard Munch Award
(age 11) "This piece reminds me of one of my favorite places to travel. I love how art allows me to recreate it and for others to see as well. I've been painting since I could hold a paint brush."

2nd Prize - FionaReading @ Home
$50.00 – Shapes and Colors as Language, The Georgia O'Keefe Award
(age 12)

 3rd Prize - Misaki, Ichigo (Strawberry)
$25.00 –By All Means, Paint! The Vincent Van Gogh Award
(age 12)

Honorable Mention - The Gustav Klimt Honorable Mention Award
Callie, Wicked
(age 11) "I'm 11 years old and have been a self taught artist for most of my life. I enjoy all types of art but lately have been focusing on portrait sketches. I hope to learn and grow with my art in the future."

Category: 8th to 12th Grade

1st Prize - Valerie, Metallic Nonsense
$100.00 – An Artist Who Inspires Others, The Salvador Dali Award
(age 16)

2nd Prize - EleanorThe Big Man Himself
$50.00 – Art with a Life of Its Own, The Jackson Pollock Award
(age 15) "Eleanor found comfort during the pandemic through art and youtube, expressing herself often through portrait drawings of some of her favorite youtubers. This drawing is of the popular content created by the online name of 'TommyInnit'."

 3rd Prize - Siyu, Dream
$25.00 –Happy as Long as I Can Paint,The Frida Kahlo Award
(age 14)

Honorable Mention - The Vasily Kandinsky Honorable Mention Award
Amelia, Slaves of Phones
(age 16) "The cables represent connection and captivation to the media while different attires show difference. Based on nomophobia and social media."



Submission of Artwork

Admissions will opened Monday, July 12 until Saturday, August 21. Please print out a copy of the entry form and bring your art to the Children’s Room on the 1st floor at the Central Library. After the artwork and entry form have been registered by staff, the artwork will be on display on the second floor of the Central Library.

Art Exhibit

Artwork was on display on the 2nd floor of the Central Library from August 2 - August 28. In order to display the art, each piece will be mounted onto foam core. Art will be returned with the foam core frame at the end of the exhibition.  

Artwork Retrieval

Artists will have between Sunday, August 29 - Saturday, October 9 to pick up their artwork from the Central Library in the Children’s Room on the 1st floor.


Please fill out the Entry Form and bring the completed form, along with your artwork, to the Children’s Room located on the 1st floor. Once the application and artwork has been registered by staff, art will be brought to the 2nd floor for display.


Accepted mediums for entries:                                                 Accepted canvas for entries:
Paintings                                                                                       Paper                                   Drawings                                                                                      Cloth canvas

  1. Submissions are limited to one (1) work of art per artist. Entry forms are required for participation.
  2. Entries will be accepted in person only at the Central Library located at 1000 Avocado Ave. Please do not bring artwork to other Newport Beach library branches.
  3. Artwork size limit: 8.5” x 11” and must be unframed.
  4. Each entry must be an original work of art and not violate U.S. copyright laws. Unaccepted artwork includes copies from existing photos or images created by someone other than the applicant.
  5. The City Arts Commission retains the right to reject entries that are deemed inappropriate for public display.
  6. For the purpose of exhibiting at the Library, all accepted artworks will be adhered onto foam core for mount and display. Please be aware that artworks will be returned in this manner, that removal of artwork from the foam core may cause damage to it and the entrant accepts that the City shall not be held responsible for any damage of the artwork caused as a result of such attempts.

Questions? Call (949) 717-3802 or send an email to


Prizes are divided into three categories with nine winners overall: grades Pre-K - 3rd, grades 4th - 7th, and grades 8th – 12th.  Winners will be contacted to receive their award and invited to the 56th Annual Newport Beach Art Exhibition for a brief opening ceremony in honor of their achievements. Prizes will be distributed as gift cards in the increments listed below.

 All participants will receive a certificate of participation through the email provided at the time of their registration. Please note that a certificate of participation does not indicate a prize award.

For a period of one month following the exhibition, all art entries will be displayed on the Cultural Arts section of the City website for public viewing. The name of each award winner along with their artwork will be specially spotlighted, followed by acknowledgement of all other participant names and their artworks. 


Pre-K - 3rd Grade

  • 1st Prize - $100.00 – The Courage of Creativity, The Henri Matisse Award
  • 2nd Prize - $50.00 – A Creation from The Heart, The Marc Chagall Award
  • 3rd Prize - $25.00 – Every Child is an Artist, The Picasso Award

4th Grade - 7th Grade

  • 1st Prize - $100.00 – An Inner Picture of the Soul, The Edvard Munch Award
  • 2nd Prize - $50.00 – Shapes and Colors as Language, The Georgia O’Keefe Award
  • 3rd Prize - $25.00 – By All Means, Paint! The Vincent Van Gogh Award

 8th Grade - 12th Grade

  • 1st Prize - $100.00 – An Artist Who Inspires Others, The Salvador Dali Award
  • 2nd Prize - $50.00 – Art with a Life of Its Own, The Jackson Pollock Award
  • 3rd Prize - $25.00 – Happy as Long as I Can Paint, The Frida Kahlo Award