2022 Student Art Exhibition

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2022 Student Art Exhibition

Updated on 12/20/2022 9:34 am

All entries from the 2022 Newport Beach Student Art Exhibition. The Exhibition was open to students grades Pre-k through 12, with nine winners and three honorable mentions selected by the Newport Beach City Arts Commission.

  • Josephine - Snuggling Puppies
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: 1st Place

    Snuggling Puppies by Josephine - The Courage of Creativity, The Henri Matisse Award

  • Dean - The American Flag
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: 2nd Place

    The American Flag by Dean - A Creation from The Heart, The Marc Chagall Award

  • Shirley - I Love Beach
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: 3rd Place

    I Love Beach by Shirley - Every Child is an Artist, The Picasso Award

  • Deborah - Chameleons with Their Favorite Books
    Pre-K to 3rd Grade: Honorable Mention

    Chameleons with Their Favorite Books by Deborah - The Claude Monet Honorable Mention Award

  • Milana - Running Wild
    4th to 7th Grade: 1st Place

    Running Wild by Milana - An Inner Picture of the Soul, The Edvard Munch Award

  • Berkley - A Girl
    4th to 7th Grade: 2nd Place

    A Girl's Best Friend by Berkley - Shapes and Colors as Language, The Georgia O’Keefe Award

  • Sara - Pink Player
    4th to 7th Grade: 3rd Place

    Pink Player by Sara - By All Means, Paint! The Vincent Van Gogh Award

  • Claire - Sunset
    4th to 7th Grade: Honorable Mention

    Sunset's Plumeria - The Gustav Klimt Honorable Mention Award

  • Marina - Untitled
    8th to 12th Grade: 1st Place

    Untitled by Marina - An Artist Who Inspires Others, The Salvador Dali Award

  • Reese - Rwanda
    8th to 12th Grade: 2nd Place

    Rwanda by Reese - Art with a Life of Its Own, The Jackson Pollock Award

  • Hannah - Bangers n Mash
    8th to 12th Grade: 3rd Place

    Bangers n' Mash by Hannah - Happy as Long as I Can Paint, The Frida Kahlo Award

  • Kiara - You(re) Picasso
    8th to 12th Grade: Honorable Mention

    You(re) Picasso by Kiara - The Vasily Kandinsky Honorable Mention Award