2023 Water Rate Study

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MAY 11, 2023 - Utilities Department presents a "primer" to Finance Committee about the Water Enterprise Fund. Please see the presentation here.

JULY 25, 2023 - Utilities Department presents to Finance Committee the Preliminary Draft Water Rate Study Report. Please see Powerpoint Presentation here.

AUGUST 22, 2023 - City Council Study Session - Proposed Water Rate Study. Please see Study Session presentation here.


SEPTEMBER 26, 2023 - City Council Meeting - Request Approval of Water Rate Study Reports; Set Prop 218 Public Hearing for November 14th, Authorize Distribution of Public Notice (Prop 218)

To review a copy of the 2023 WATER RATE STUDY- Final Draft Report, please click here


NOVEMBER 14, 2023 - City Council - Conduct Prop 218 Public Hearing To Amend Water Rates - Tabulation of "Protest" Votes and Approve Resolution to Amend Water Rates.

JANUARY 1, 2024 - Implement the 5th & final water rate adjustment for the Prop 218 5-year cycle of the 2019 Water Rate Study

JANUARY 1, 2025 - Implement the 1st water rate adjustment for the Prop 218 4-year cycle of the 2023 Water Rate Study


General Information on the Water System

Water System 2023 for Rate Study

Proposed Water Rates & Monthly Impact to Most Common Bills 

Proposed 2023 Water Rates