Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Ordinance

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Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

(Ordinance No. 2011-12)

Amended (Ordinance No. 2019-15)


Newport Beach Municipal Code (NBMC) Section 6.04.040

 Adopted May 10, 2011

Effective November 11, 2011


·         General Information

·         Opt-Out Procedures for Common Interest Developments

·         FAQs

·         Opt-Out List





General Information


Often gas-powered leaf blowers feature higher horsepower engines than electric leaf blowers, resulting in higher rates of noise, dust, and debris.


To protect residents from nuisance and excessive levels of noise, and to promote comfort, safety, and welfare, the City has adopted an ordinance prohibiting the operation of gas-powered leaf blowers in residential neighborhoods.


However, the City acknowledges that some common interest development’s operating rules and regulatory framework can more closely address neighborhood impacts of leaf blowers and other exterior maintenance equipment. Therefore, a common interest development (as defined by Civil Code Section 1351) of five or more dwelling units may choose to opt-out of the Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Ordinance by taking the steps outlined below.


For more information, please contact the Code Enforcement Division at (949)644-3215.



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 Opt-Out Procedures for Common Interest Developments

The process for common interest developments to opt-out of the Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Ordinance can only be completed online using the City’s online service request system, which can be found here.


Please be advised that the online request must be accompanied by a resolution from the common interest development's association reflecting a decision to be exempt from the ordinance. A sample resolution reflecting exemption can be found here. Please note that copies of additional documents determining the association’s ability to adopt regulations addressing its exterior residential environment may be required.



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When did the Ordinance take effect?


The Ordinance went into effect on November 11, 2011, but common interest developments can opt-out of the City's policy at any time.



Does the prohibition apply to electric leaf blowers?


No, the Ordinance only prohibits the use of gas-powered leaf blowers.



Does the prohibition apply in commercial areas?


No, the ban on Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers only applies to districts zoned for residential uses.



Can anyone opt-out of the Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Ordinance?


No, but residential common interest developments of five or more dwelling units with an association responsible for establishing regulations or operating rules controlling the management and maintenance of their exterior residential environment may, by the method set out in their association’s rules and regulations, choose to be exempt from the City’s Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Ordinance by following the procedures outlined above.



Who can I contact to make a complaint or how do I report a person acting in violation of the Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Ordinance?


You can file a code violation with the Code Enforcement Division by making an online request here or calling (949)644-3215. 


How can I help educate the gardeners in our neighborhood about the gas-powered leaf blower prohibition?


You can advise gardeners to review this web page or contact the Code Enforcement Division at (949)644-3215 for more information. You may also print and distribute our warning flyer on the prohibition of gas-powered leaf blowers, which can be found here



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Opt-Out List


A map highlighting a list of common interest development associations which have been granted exemption from NBMC Section 6.04.055.B.3 can be found here.  When the map viewer opens, select the "Leaf Blower Exempt HOA's" layer.  


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