Yard & Garage Sales

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Yard and/or garage sales are allowed on private property only per Municipal Codes 10.08.030-Use of Streets and Sidewalks for Commercial Purposes and 20.48.150-Personal Property Sales in Residential Districts. Below are some frequently asked questions about having a yard and/or garage sale.

Q.     What are the days & time restrictions on having a yard or garage sale?
A.     The maximum period for conducting a sale is limited to three consecutive days and no more than two times in any 12 month period. All sales shall be conducted during daylight hours only.

Q.     Can I use a public park or the parkway in front of my home for selling merchandise?
A.     No. Items for sell must be displayed, stored or offered for sale on your private property. In addition, only used items can be sold in your yard and/or garage sale.

Q.     Where can I place signs to advertise my yard or garage sale?
A.     Temporary signs are not allowed on public property or public rights-of-way (sidewalks, streets and center medians).

Q.     Can I sell food and beverages?
A.      No. Unfortunately, the selling of food and beverages at a yard or garage sale is prohibited.

Q.     Can I leave the unsold items and signs out in front of my home after the sale?
A.     No. All goods, materials and signs must be removed within 24 hours of the end of the sale.

For more questions about having a yard or garage sale, contact the Code Enforcement Division Monday through Friday at 949-644-3215.