Corona Del Mar Pay Station FAQs

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Can I complete one transaction using multiple payment options?
Yes, if you want to combine payment methods you will be able to do so. However, you must use your credit card as the last payment method. You would input bills or coins first, and then charge the remaining balance to your credit card to complete the transaction.
What credit cards are accepted?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card.
Who and when do I pay?
Payment is required upon entry into the parking lot. You may pay at any of the 12 pay stations located throughout the parking lot or via any web enabled device through Parkmobile
Once I have paid, can I leave and come back?
Yes, your payment is attached to your license plate. However, it does not reserve your parking space as parking is first-come, first-served. The parking lot may become full.
Does the pay station provide change?
No. Exact change is required for cash transactions.
What if I do not have a license plate?
You may use the last 4 digits of your VIN in lieu of your license plate.
I have a vehicle and a travel trailer, which rate do I select?
You will select the rate corresponding to how many spaces you are occupying. If you are occupying two spaces, select the "2 Spaces Hourly/Daily Rate"
I have a disabled placard, do I have to pay?
Yes. Standard rates apply.
I want to stay longer, can I add time and do I need to use the same pay station?
Yes, you can add time. Enter the same license plate and select the "Add-Time" option. You can pay at any of the 12 pay stations. You do not have to return to the pay station originally used. If you paid via Parkmobile, you may also remotely add time via your web enabled device.
Do I need to put the receipt on my dash board?
No. The receipt is for your records only. Your payment is attached electronically to your license plate.
Are pay station display instructions only offered in English?
No. Instructions are available in Spanish, Vietnamese, French and German.