Staff Directory

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Jones, JoshuaPublic Works Technical AidePublic Works949-644-3296
Hariyanto, BrandonPublic Works Technical AidePublic Works949-644-3366
Nissen, DanielPublic Works SupervisorPublic Works Municipal Operations949-718-3465
Nelson, JohnPublic Works SupervisorPublic Works Municipal Operations949-644-3197
Mason, LukePublic Works SupervisorPublic Works Municipal Operations949-644-3067
Haynes, GregoryPublic Works SupervisorPublic Works Municipal Operations949-644-3084
Hahn, RonniePublic Works SupervisorPublic Works Municipal Operations949-718-3461
Auger, MichaelPublic Works SupervisorPublic Works Municipal Operations949-718-3463
Legault, TomPublic Works Inspector, SeniorPublic Works949-270-8134
Wilcox, KielPublic Works Inspector IIPublic Works949-270-8132
Velasco, JulioPublic Works Inspector IIPublic Works949-270-8135
Bullman, MattPublic Works Inspector IIPublic Works949-270-8133
Schweitzer, TheresaPublic Works Finance/Administrative ManagerPublic Works949-644-3335
Webb, DavidPublic Works DirectorPublic Works949-644-3330
Villa, JimmyPublic Works Crew ChiefPublic Works Municipal Operations949-718-3467
Trevino, RicardoPublic Works Crew ChiefPublic Works Municipal Operations949-644-3176
Tovar, DanielPublic Works Crew ChiefPublic Works Municipal Operations949-718-3475
Leutbecher, WilliamPublic Works Crew ChiefPublic Works Municipal Operations949-718-3489
George, BrianPublic Works Crew ChiefPublic Works Municipal Operations949-644-3053
Gemme, JohnPublic Works Crew ChiefPublic Works Municipal Operations949-644-3054
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