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Standard Drawings 

Please consult with Public Works Engineering staff prior to utilizing these Standard Drawings to ensure compliance with recent code updates.

Have questions about a Standard Drawing?
Contact the Public Works Department at 949-644-3311.

Standard Drawings Series 100 - Street Standards
STD 100-L Standard Street Widths 
STD 101-L Standard Locations of Underground Utilities 
STD 102-L Standard Cul-de-sac 
STD 103-L Cul-de-sac with Planter 
STD 104-L Standard Knuckle 
STD 105-L-A Underground Construction Requirements 
STD 105-L-B Trench Resurfacing 
STD 105-L-C Roadway Utility Trench Detail 
STD 105-L-D Parkway Utility Trench Detail 
STD 105-L-E Roadway Utility Pothole and Bore Detail 
STD 105-L-F Moratorium Roadway Trench Resurfacing 
STD 105-L-G Monitoring Wells Capping Detail 
STD 106-L Pipe Bedding 
STD 107-L Median Taper and Nose Flare 
STD 108-L P.C.C. Pavement Contact Joints 
STD 109-L Placement of Joints in P.C.C. Street Pavement 
STD 110-L Intersection Line of Sight Requirements 
STD 111-L Manhole Adjustment Detail 
STD 112-L Standard 24" Manhole Frame and Cover 
STD 113-L Standard 27" Manhole Frame and Cover 
STD 114-L Standard 30" Manhole Frame and Cover 
STD-115-L Datum Planes 
STD 116-L Standard Surveyor's Monuments 
STD 117-L Subdivision and Lot Corner Monuments 
STD 118-L-A 24" Street Tree Planting Detail 
STD 118-L-B 36" Street Tree Planting Detail 


Series 120 - Bicycle Trail Standards
STD 120-L Typical Class I Bikeways (Bike Paths) 
STD 121-L Typical Class II Bikeways (Bike Lanes) 

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Series 140 - Alley Standards
STD 140-L Typical Alley Sections 
STD 141-L Placement of Joints in P.C.C. Alley Pavement 
STD 142-L Alley Approaches Type A, B, and C 
STD 143-L Alley Approach Type D 
STD 144-L-A Alley Interlocking Concrete Pavement Section 
STD 144-L-B Alley Interlocking Concrete Pavement Section Notes 


Series 160 - Driveway Approach Standards
STD 160-L-A Commercial Driveway Approach Type I  
STD 160-L-B Sample Driveway Profile (Type "A") 
STD 160-L-C Sample Driveway Profile (Type "B") 
STD 161-L Commercial Driveway Approach Type II 
STD 162-L Residential Driveway Approach Type I 
STD 163-L Residential Driveway Approach Type II 
STD 164-L Residential Driveway Approach Type III 
STD 165-L Plug for Abandoned Driveway 
STD 166-L Commercial Driveway Approach Type III 

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Series 180 -Sidewalk, Curb, & Cross Gutter Standards
STD 180-L Sidewalk Detail 
STD 181-L-A Curb Access Ramp Details I  *
STD 181-L-B Curb Access Ramp Details II  *
STD 181-L-C Curb Access Ramp Notes  *
STD 181-L-D Curb Access Ramp Notes   *
STD 182-L Standard Curb Sections Types "A" & "B" 
STD 183-L Standard Curb Sections Types "C", "D", & "E" 
STD 184-L Private Drains Through Curb 
STD 185-L Standard Cross Gutter - 8' Wide 
STD 186-L Special Cross Gutter - Steep Grades 
STD 187-L Graph for Special Cross Gutter 


Series 200 - Street Lights
STD 200-L Lighting Standard Type I 
STD 201-L Lighting Standard Type II 
STD 202-L-A Lighting Standard Type V 
STD 202-L-B Lighting Standard Type III 
STD 203-L Lighting Standard Type IV 
STD 204-L Pull Box Details 
STD-205-L Conduit Splicing, Fuse Holder, and Wiring Details 
STD-206-L Single-Meter Cabinet Mounting Detail 
STD-207-L Double-Meter Cabinet Mounting Detail 

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Series 230 - Fence Standards
STD 230-L-A Chain Link Fence and Gates 
STD 230-L-B Chain Link Fence and Gates 


Series 300 - Drainage Standards
STD 300-L-A Curb Opening Catch Basin with Manhole in Street 
STD 300-L-B Curb Opening Catch Basin with Manhole in Street 
STD 302-L-A Curb Inlet Basin Outlet Transition Structure 
STD 302-L-B Curb Inlet Basin Outlet Transition Structure 
STD 303-L Connection to Curb Inlet for Pipes 12" thru 72" 
STD 304-L Local Depression Detail and Inlet General Notes 
STD 305-L Curb Inlet Type OL-A 
STD 306-L Curb Inlet Type OL and OS 
STD 307-L Manhole No. 2 Plan, Section and Detail 
STD 308-L Manhole No. 4 Plan, Section and Detail 
STD 309-L Concrete Rings, Reducer and Shaft for Storm Drain Manhole 
STD 310-L Junction Structure No. 1 
STD 311-L Junction Structure No. 2 
STD 312-L Connection Assembly 
STD 313-L Concrete Pipe Collar for Pipes 12" thru 66" 
STD 314-L Concrete Pipe Slope Anchors 
STD 315-L Transition Structure Plan and Section 
STD 316-L-A Catch Basin Face Plate Assembly & Protection Bar for 4.5" Top Slab 
STD 316-L-B Catch Basin Face Plate Assembly & Protection Bar for 6" Top Slab 
STD 316-L-C Catch Basin Face Plate Anchors 
STD 316-L-D Catch Basin Protection Bar with Adjustable Stirrup's), Type A 
STD 316-L-E Catch Basin Protection Bar with Fixed Stirrup's), Type B 
STD 316-L-F Catch Basin Face Plate Assembly & Protection Bar 
STD 317-L Parkway Culvert Type "A" 
STD 318-L Parkway Culvert Type "B" 
STD 319-L Parkway Culvert Type "C" 
STD 320-L Parkway Culvert Steel List, Details and Notes 
STD 321-L-A Curb Opening Catch Basin with Gratings 
STD 321-L-B Curb Opening Catch Basin with Gratings 

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Series 400 - Sewer Standards
STD 400-L Sewer Main Terminal Cleanout 
STD 401-L Standard Manhole 
STD 402-L Brick Sewer Manhole 
STD 403-L Drop Manhole 
STD 404-L Steps for Manholes and Structures 
STD 405-L Sewer Lateral Connection Type "A" 
STD 406-L Sewer Lateral with Cleanout 
STD 407-L Sewer Lateral Connection Type "B" 
STD 408-L Sewer Lateral Chimney Connections 
STD 409-L Manhole Shaft Orientation 
STD 410-L Cased Sewer Main for Highway Crossings 


Series 500 - Water Standards
STD 500-L Wet Barrel Fire Hydrant 
STD 502-L 1" Water Service 
STD 503-L 2" Water Service 
STD 504-L Water Service Connections for Dead-End A.C. Mains 
STD 505-L Service Tap to Lined and Coated Steel Mains 
STD-507-L Water Main Tap 
STD 508-L Main Line Valve 
STD 509-L Typical Offset Water Main Tie-In 
STD 510-L-A Thrust Blocks 
STD 510-L-B Reducer Thrust Block 
STD 510-L-C Valve Anchor 
STD 510-L-D Anchor Block Detail I
STD 510-L-E Anchor Block Detail II 
STD 511-L Valve Box Cover and Riser 
STD 512-L Double Check Backflow Prevention Assembly 
STD 514-L Water Meter Assembly (Compound Meter) 
STD 515-L 2" Air and Vacuum Release Valve Assembly 
STD 515-L-A 1" Combination Air-Release Valve Assembly 
STD 516-L Multiple Water Service Connection to Main 
STD 517-L Double Check Detector Backflow Prevention Assembly 
STD 518-L Multiple Water Meter & Service Box Installations 
STD 519-L 1" Multiple Service Manifold 
STD 520-L Reducer Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly 
STD 520-L-A 1" Through 2" Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Device 
STD 520-L-B Water Meter/Backflow Prevention Assembly Type 3", 4", 6" and 8" 
STD 521-L Pressure Reduction Station 
STD 522-L Pipe Support Assembly 
STD 523-L Water Sampling Station 
STD 524-L Water Meter Assembly (Turbine Meter) 
STD 525-L Blow Off Assembly 
STD 526-L Standard Valve Vault 
STD 528-L Inverted Siphon 
STD 529-L Cased Water Main Crossings 
STD 530-L Standard Vault Ladder 
STD 533-L Water & Sewer Main Separation Requirements 

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Series 800 - Parking Lot Standards
STD 805-L-A Parking Lot Standards 
STD 805-L-B Parking Lot Standards 


Series 900 - Traffic Standards
STD 900-L Standard Street Barricade 
STD 902-L Fire Hydrant Markers 
STD 909-L Traffic Signal Service (Details) 
STD 910-L Traffic Signal Service (Modified Type II) 
STD 913-L Bicycle Push Button Installation Details 
STD 914-L Bicycle Push Button Instruction Sign 
STD 915-L

Standard Street Name Sign 

STD 916-A Internally Illuminated Street Name Sign 
STD 916-B Internally Illuminated Street Name Sign (State Right-of-Way) 
STD 917-L Removable Bollard 
STD 918-L Typical Bollard Dimensions 
STD 920-L Parking Meter Post Installation I 
STD 921-L Parking Meter Post Installation II 
STD 922-L Parking Meter Post Installation III 

* Please use with caution and consult with Public Works Department staff prior to implementation.

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